Private Cloud
Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Our Private Cloud service offering is an enterprise-class VMware Cloud solution built using industry-leading hardware and software. The platform is fully automated and orchestrated with fully redundant servers, tiered storage and network elements coupled with virtualization technology and operating system software.

With our Private Cloud Solution, clients can:

  • Create separate “accounts” for each internal client, allowing them to be logically separate and have separate usage tracking for charge-back purposes
  • Deploy Virtual Servers onto their own Layer 2 Cloud Networks using operating system images provided by MicroIntegration or by the client
  • Deploy as many of these network segments as they require, allowing servers to remain isolated from each other
  • Independently customize the firewall and load balancing capabilities of each network
  • Manage both the Cloud Networks and Servers through an online interface

Typical clients of our Private Cloud are:

  • Developers – who are often frustrated with enterprise IT for not being able to move quickly enough to setup and deliver testing and development environments
  • IT Director – often concerned about standards, process and security, and would prefer to build an internal Private Cloud to maintain control of integration of enterprise systems, applications and management
  • CIO – who is under pressure to reduce IT cost and risk while ensuring that enterprise IT is agile enough to provide superior service delivery.