VoIP SIP Services
VoIP SIP Services

VoIP and VoIP SIP Services

Are you looking for a way to save money and increase your phone services at the same time? Many of our clients save over 50% off their traditional office phone bill with our VoIP and VoIP SIP trunking services.

Use our SIP trunks with your new phone solution or connect them to your existing phone solution. You can keep your system, stations, consoles, voicemail, automatic call distribution, and conferencing.

You can also use SIP trunks as one step in a complete VoIP deployment. If you have more than one location, you can implement our hosted VoIP solutions at one or more sites, but keep your legacy phone systems at other locations until it makes sense to replace them. This phased approach lowers your investment and allows you to implement VoIP communications at the pace you choose, all while taking advantage of the benefits of VoIP right away.

All VoIP and VoIP SIP Services feature:

  • Reduce calling charges with low domestic, toll-free, and international rates
  • The ability to keep your toll-free phone number and add new numbers
  • Nationwide availability of telephone numbers
  • Fax solutions are available via t.38

Our SIP trunks are delivered across MicroIntegration's redundant network. Do you have a contract with your local telephone provider? We will work with you to incorporate it into our SIP trunk solution.