IDS / IPS / AV Solutions
IDS / IPS / AV Solutions

IDS / IPS/ AV Solutions

Stop Network Attacks Dead in their Tracks

A network attack can cost you your business. Perimeter and desktop/server defenses such as firewalls and anti-virus software eliminate some threats but leave your internal network vulnerable to attack. That’s why we’ve partnered with security industry leaders to offer an on-demand intrusion detection system (IDS) that blocks network attacks, manages server vulnerabilities and automates IT compliance - securing your confidential data and networks from within.

MicroIntegration offers an innovative multi-tenant intrusion detection/prevention solution with per host tiered pricing. This allows for the most cost-effective IDS/IPS solutions in the marketplace through our managed security packages.

Intrusion Detection/Prevention System Capabilities:

  • Identifies and eliminates anomalous, inappropriate, or other unauthorized data attempting to enter your network
  • Captures and inspects both permitted and non-permitted traffic for threats and attacks
  • Pro-actively blocks per policy rules
  • Customized signatures for targeted attacks are rapidly developed and deployed
  • Correlates network events and global threat data
  • Detailed compliance reporting and dashboards

Block threats, not productivity

Our endpoint security solutions give you everything you need to stop malware and protect your data in one console and agent. It’s fast, effective and complete security for your users, wherever they are.

And better yet, our endpoint security solutions provide the features you need including:

  • Fast antivirus scanning across Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX and virtual platforms with minimal impact on system performance.
  • Automatic identification and cleaning of new malware threats while controlling applications, devices, data and network access.
  • Centralized management including patch assessment, web filtering, data leakage prevention, and disk encryption.