Security Assessment
Security Assessment

Security Assessment

Comprehensive security, as IT professionals know, is more than technology. It is also built on people and policies that complement the software. Our consulting team can craft the security policies and train your people to carry it out. We are flexible; we can engage to help you with any aspect from threat discovery and investigation, tactical—policy and workflow—and strategic architecture and design recommendations.

MicroIntegration’s Professional Services can be used by your organization to assess and resolve suspected security vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure. Security Consulting addresses the business and people aspects—policies, procedures, internal controls and workflow—to make sure they align correctly with and meet the appropriate level of data protection.

We identify potential security exposures and get your organization prepared to defend the next threat.

Our plan includes the following steps:

  • Identify the vulnerabilities -We actively check the IT infrastructure for known threats.
  • Deeper analysis -We use intrusion simulations on different attack scenarios to determine possible consequences.
  • Assess your overall security position -Identify which security gaps leave you open to specific threats, and clarify their potential impact.
  • Review your internal controls - A company's technology infrastructure may be more than adequate, while its procedures are not. We bring the perspective of what works—and does not work—in organizations like yours.
  • Recommend policies and workflow -Our industry best-practices recommendations help boost your internal security processes.