Virtualization Solutions
Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization Changes Everything. You Need a Plan.

Virtualization in all of its forms—client, server, application, network, and storage—provides enormous advantages to organizations of all sizes, but it also dramatically changes the way things are done and how decisions are made. Virtualization enables your infrastructure to become simpler and more efficient.  Applications get deployed faster, performance and availability increase and operations become automated – all resulting in IT that's easier to manage and less costly to own and operate.


Move to a 100% Virtualized Infrastructure

Beyond server consolidation, virtualization solves an even broader set of challenges by dramatically improving the efficiency and availability of resources and applications inside—and outside—your organization. A virtualized architecture enables organizations to dynamically allocate hardware resources based on when and where they’re needed most. Business continuity plans based on virtualization can make DR simple, reliable, and more cost effective.

A virtual desktop infrastructure enables IT administrators to quickly deploy and manage large numbers of desktops with custom configurations for a quality user experience. Deploying desktops as a managed service gives you the opportunity to respond quicker to changing needs and opportunities. You can reduce costs and increase service by quickly and easily delivering virtualized desktops and applications to branch offices, off-site employees and mobile workers on iPad and Android tablets.


Why Choose MicroIntegration as your Virtualization Partner?

Implementing virtualization is organizationally and technologically disruptive, understanding how it affects every aspect of your infrastructure is absolutely critical. MicroIntegration specializes in virtualization and datacenter transformation with deep engineering expertise across all forms of virtualization: client, application, server, storage, and network. We understand that virtualization is one of the most strategic IT initiatives that an organization can undertake, we’ve been there, done it, and will help you implement a plan to unlock all the advantages.