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There is more than just one cloud.

Which instance is right for your business?

Public Cloud

Only pay for what you use on our enterprise class infrastructure.

A Public Cloud is a great option for businesses who want to reduce the expenses and responsibilities of ongoing hardware management, yet still need easy access to IT resources as-needed. Our Public Cloud solution provides on-demand scalability to expand compute, storage, RAM and bandwidth options – where you only pay for what you use. Additionally, we provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is being housed within the framework of an enterprise class data center.

Experience the benefits of our state-of-the-art infrastructure and the security of knowing our team is available around the clock – every day – ensuring your mission critical data is always available when you need it.

Public Cloud

Private Cloud

The biggest fans of our Private Cloud are CIOs, IT Directors and Software Developers.

Our Private Cloud platform is a single-tenant, dedicated environment securely hosted at our data center.

Benefits of our private cloud include: flexibility to provide your users with self-service access; security of dedicated networking, compute and storage nodes; seamlessly deploying virtual servers as-needed; customizing the firewall and other components to best serve your business; balancing workloads to prioritize compute jobs with your business goals; and managing both the cloud network and servers through an online interface.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Our Hybrid Cloud is the most popular cloud offering for MicroIntegration clients.

This popular cloud offering enables businesses to strategically move to cloud computing as it makes senses for their needs. If you are attracted to the flexibility that the cloud has to offer, but don’t want to move your entire IT infrastructure to a cloud environment, our Hybrid Cloud solution is a great compromise.

We get it – while virtualizing everything sounds great in theory, some things (like Intellectual Property) are better kept “on the ground” or, you may have infrastructure that still has a useful lifecycle and completely decommissioning it doesn’t make financial sense. A combination of colocation and either a public or private cloud, our Hybrid Cloud enables physical and virtual infrastructures to seamlessly co-exist. For instance, large database servers and specialized hardware can be colocated in one of our top tier data centers while the systems that can be virtualized are hosted through our Hybrid Cloud servers.

Private Cloud

We use clouds to protect your data.

Without your data, you have no business. Find out how our Data Protection solutions can help your business respond to and recover from a disaster.

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“When we’ve had recent large-scale IT projects, we’ve consulted with MicroIntegration to help identify, plan and implement them. Their skill and expertise has made these projects run smoother and given us much more confidence in our choices along the way.”

– Ken Benich,
Director of Technology at the School City of Hammond

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